The Ultimate

Luxury in floorings, walls and furniture

Microreve is a very high Top coating solution!

  1. Made in Portugal, with raw materials of excellent quality.

  2. In any color, on any support, without debris and with good thermal properties for your home.

  3. Adheres to any stable surface.



With the Microreve® it is possible to have a mortared concrete appearance coating without the deficiencies and problems found in the traditional burnt cement. The Microreve® adheres on any stable surface, avoiding the demolition of existing substrate and problems of rebates between old floors or tuning of doors, since this coating has a thickness of 2 to 4 mm. Microreve® was able to combine an excellent finish with durability and comfort. Microreve® is a bi-component polymer mortar applied in situ in monolithic form, ie without the need for expansion joints.
It forms a continuous and easy maintenance surface and only cracks if its base cracks, thus requiring a stable and rigid base. The Microreve® is a good thermal conductor, allowing it to be used on outdoor floors or even on heated shower floors, with a soft and comfortable touch. Because it has a minimalist look and is a waterproof and chemically stable material, it can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or even in shops and offices, as it is a sturdy, comfortable and continuous floor.